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Vintage Base Camp; the
marriage of modern methods and
timeless aesthetics!

North America's premier company for
Airstream restoration and customization!


All Internal and External Upfits

Skin Replacement and Upfits

Finish Custom Cabinetry

System Updating

Complete Refurbishments

Shell-off Restorations



Axle Lift Kits

Vending Trailers

There are many advantages to choosing Vintage Base Camp to build your vending and experiential marketing trailer!
  • We bring extensive experience! We have been building vending and experiential-marketing trailers for five years and our clients have included both national and regional companies.

  • The build is entirely custom. Things like length and interior specifications are entirely tailored to your needs.

  • A polished trailer is a visual magnet; a way to stand out from the rest. Since we specialize in vintage Airstreams, you will have a trailer that can be polished. Later model Airstreams cannot be polished, but Airstreams models up to 1999 can be.

  • The buy-in for a vintage trailer shell is considerably less -- sometimes 1/3 to 1/2 less -- than buying a new shell from Airstream.

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