You've seen the HGTV shows, looked at the magazines...

You've stalked Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube feeds...

You've dreamed and researched and hoped...

and weighed and considered...

and reconsidered...

and re-reconsidered...

and its Time.



You have a vision and you want to move towards it - that's where we can help!


We may just be the shop for you if any of the following apply:


  • If you are looking for a vintage project trailer to renovate, or a turn-key finished beast to set out on your adventure in ASAP we can assist!

  • If you already have a trailer, got started on your own renovation and realized it's a bit too much or just need someone to finish up the bits you didn't want to do, we are your men (and women)!

  • If you have a trailer you just found on the back 40 of your property, or own a trailer that's been passed down generations in your family - we can counsel!

  • If your trailer is in perfect working order and just needs to be winterized, or if your trailer doesn't even have tires and looks like it's begun it's return to the basic elements of its construction, we are experienced in both! 


Step 1.) Reach out to us by phone, shoot us a message, or submit a query here on the website to start the formal process!



     Once we have your basic information, then we can move into a full consultation. This is where we cover all the bases:

     What do you want and what do you need? What are your non-negotiables and ultimate lifestyle goals for this project? What specific issues exist? What is the full scope of the work you are looking to have done and your realistic timeline? What are your requested features, design goals, and what is your budget?


Perhaps THE MOST important part of this step is establishing healthy and realistic expectations of the marriage between your project and your budget.

See our FAQ's for more information.




     Here is where we finalize the scope of the work required to current knowledge, including trailer, materials, products, appliances, and layout if applicable. Once we have ensured that we understand what you want, and you understand what we can offer, we then create an accurate itemized estimate, queue fee form, and projected start date. 

      Once you've had a chance to look everything over, you will have 10 days to return these forms and your queue fee in order to secure the dates given to you. If you do not submit these items within 10 business days there is a strong possibility that those dates could shift to later in the year. Once the paperwork and queue fee has been received and the project date draws near, we start the preparation process including reserving or ordering parts/materials, drafting and layouts if required, and delivery or transportation options are discussed and finalized.




      Now for the exciting part! This is where the physical manifestation truly begins! If we are making repairs or updates, we roll up our sleeves and get busy putting it all back right again and making sure everything will go smoothly on your next trip. If we are doing more intensive repairs and renovations then we first ensure structural integrity before moving on to the next steps. Depending on the scope of the project, it could be pretty mild in the extent of alterations and time required might only be a few days. More intensive custom projects can last months and involve completely rebuilding a trailer from the frame up.


     No matter what is being done we will bring the highest level of craftsmanship, and quality materials and products to the job at hand. You will receive regular updates on progress via calls, emails, photos, and even be featured in our social media outlets if you give us permission to do so! You will be notified of any surprises that we may discover along the way and you are more than welcome to stop by and visit the shop to see things in person. We also can do video walkthroughs if your schedule doesn't allow for travel.



     After thoroughly going over all work completed and adding all the finishing touches and details that we pride ourselves on, we will do a final cleaning and testing of all systems. The final draw is created and we prepare your trailer for delivery. There are many options for delivery, from freight shipping to professional drivers and of course picking up in person. If we get to see you in person you will get the final walk-through and we will go over all the highlights and answer any questions. If you aren't able to be here in person we will do a video final walk-through.


     We love handing over the keys and watching happy owners ride off with a job well done...


Will the next one be you???