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We take a personalized approach to every project, so our process serves as an outline that we tailor to the needs of each individual project. 

Below you can follow our step-by-step process for a project from start to finish, but first, we invite you to contact us to begin the conversation. 



During this initial consultation, we will discuss the broad scope of your project and start to get a better understanding of your goals. From this conversation, we will create a preliminary estimate for you to review. The preliminary estimate is just a starting point and is subject to change as we continue to develop the scope of your project.


Additional details and pricing will be finalized in the next phase.



Once we have fully developed the scope of the project, we can then begin to craft the cost estimate. Upon your approval of the final estimate, you will sign our contract, which will define your relationship with VBC. 

design process


If your project requires any space planning, material selection, appliance sourcing, or any other design work, you will be working with our design team. We will start with a design meeting where you sit down with our designer to discuss your vision. 

Below is a breakdown of the design process:

01. Schematic Design: At this step, we begin space planning using the parameters gathered from the first design meeting. We will explore several different design concepts until we have one that appropriately and accurately fits the project.

02. Design Development: Next we will work together to further refine the design. This is when the design concept begins to take shape. At this time, we will finalize all the finish-materials, appliances, and fixtures in order to include their specifications in the construction documents. 

03. Construction Documents: Now we are able to create detailed measured drawings and elevations. Depending on what your project requires, this stage is when we develop electrical, lighting, and plumbing plans to accompany your finalized floor plan. These drawings will give us a better understanding of both the project timeline and budget. 

If you have chosen to finish the project on your own, we will be able to provide you with the construction documents to take home with you and use for the remainder of your build-out. Learn more about our partial builds here.

Learn more about our Design Services here.




Now production can begin! 

During this time you will receive build-out updates, photos, and financial updates so that you can follow along as the build progresses. Since many of our clients are not local, we like to provide a video walkthrough to those who can't come by and see the progress in person. 



Once the build is complete, we check all systems with a thorough quality-control process. When it’s time for you to pick up your trailer, we will walk you through the work we did, and show you how all the systems work, so you can walk away feeling confident and comfortable in your new digs! If you are unable to pick up your Airstream yourself, there are many options available, from freight shipping to professional drivers. We can’t wait for you to see your dreams come to life!


016Mom Water - INTERNET.jpg



Our internal design team will work with you to customize your layout and choose fixtures and finishes that are suited to your style. Upon completion, your trailer will stand out from the rest!

You can find our portfolio of custom builds by clicking below.


With a restoration, we reconstruct your trailer to its original form based on the time period in which it was produced. Most clients try to keep the style as close to period-correct as possible, while adding their own flare through the choice of materials! 


You can find our portfolio of restoration projects by clicking below. 


These builds are for our DIY clients. They are similar to custom builds, however, we stop constructing at a certain point and let you handle the rest of the interior finishing. We will work with you to determine the point at which you feel comfortable taking over the project. We rely on our expertise to provide you with detailed drawings for your reference as you build out the rest of your trailer. Let us set you up with a nice, blank canvas to work with.

You can browse our portfolio of past projects for inspiration for your next DIY project by clicking below!


A custom-built vending trailer allows you to take your business on the road! These builds typically involve a complete overhaul including a new or rebuilt heavy-duty frame for commercial grade equipment, holding tanks, and anything else you need to run your business!

You can find our portfolio of commercial trailers by clicking below.

partial builds


Don't see what you're looking for?

Click below to learn more about the types of builds and the full range of services we offer.

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We are always looking for motivated individuals to join our team of artisans in the workshop. Every day comes with new challenges, so we are always looking for candidates with diverse experience and skills to bring to our team.

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