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What to Ask

Points to consider when looking to purchase/inspect an Airstream including a document recommended by Airstream Forum Members!

Questions to ask:
  • How many previous owners and approximate locations as well as the type of use has the trailer had (boondocking, resort/campground parking, cross country trips, etc.)?

  • Is there a maintenance record? Including tires/axles/bearings/shocks as well as trailer systems and appliances?

  • What repairs have been performed and when? Including roof, windows, body/frame damage as well as interior systems and appliances?

  • Have pets and/or children been in this trailer?

  • Any known animal/insect issues inside the trailer?

  • Has the layout been changed from it's original condition at any time and how?

  • Does this trailer have a title?

  • Does the VIN match the trailer?

  • Are there any original manuals and are any warranties transferring?

  • What are the known issues with the trailer?

  • What type of batteries (deep cycle, AGM, sealed, etc.) are in the trailer and what voltage, how are they wired (parallel or series), and age?

  • What is the condition and size of each holding tank (fresh, gray, black)?

  • How was the trailer stored, and where does it originate?

  • What is the dry weight and hitch weight of the trailer?

  • Why is the person selling the trailer?

  • What keys are included and what do they go to?

Things that need to be demonstrated!
  • LP hooked up and a full test of all appliances that use it including water heater, refrigerator, stovetop/oven, etc.

  • Any awnings rolled out and set up for a full inspection

  • Stairs/steps pulled out and checked for structural integrity

  • AC turned on and tested to make sure it's running/draining properly

  • Microwave/Convection oven and other kitchen appliances fully operational

  • Check TVs, sound systems, WIFI, antennas, backup cameras, and any other accessory items that will be included with the trailer

  • Have the seller hook up and turn on the fridge several hours before the inspection to see if it will actually cool or not

  • Water hooked up, hoses attached and checked, tanks checked for obvious leaks, and tanks emptied to ensure valves/dump hoses are functioning properly

  • Check faucets and toilet/shower/drains as well as under cabinet sink area for any leaks

  • Check 110V and 12V outlets

  • If the trailer has an electric tongue jack make sure it's operating properly from both trailer and TV power

  • Check all the light fixtures and make sure all switches, pulls, etc are functioning properly

  • Look for water damage on walls and ceiling, under windows, around vents/skylights

  • Feel for soft spots in the floor, especially around doors, windows, and hatches and look under the carpet and rugs in any area that seems suspect

  • Check for visible rust around the underbelly and frame components

  • Ensure ball hitch and hitch lock are not heavily worn and operating properly

  • If the trailer has a furnace, test it

  • If the trailer comes with a generator, ensure it is fueled and started to see if it is working properly

  • Hook up the trailer to 7 way plug and ensure all running and brake/hazard/turn signal lights are operating

  • Find and inspect fusebox for obvious electrical issues

  • Check window coverings and attachment tracks, blinds, etc to ensure all are functioning properly and in goof repair

  • Inspect upholstery and note signs of wear or water damage

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