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The Process

At Vintage Base Camp we handle repairs and upfits. Most repairs can be scheduled within a month. These repairs can range from tanks, plumbing, electrical issues, and flooring repairs, to appliance installation. These jobs can be done on either early or late model trailers. We also do upfits, which are any aesthetic and/or functional modification to your trailer. Our upfits can include any conversion, from modifying dinettes to installing new cabinetry. Typically, this job can be scheduled within three or four months.
Please contact us here to get your project started!

01 | Consultation

Once we’ve received your contact information and the basics for your project we set up a phone consultation with Greg and Julie Penner, co-owners of Vintage Base Camp. On this call we will gather more information about your project and your wants and needs. Repairs and upfits are where we excel as a shop and we are more than excited to get started on this process with you! 

02 | Design & Budget

If layouts are needed, the design team will take over from here. If not, the next step is for us to create your estimate. 


03 | Construction

30 days before your initial drop-off date, you will pay 50% of your estimated amount. Additionally, some jobs require parts (axles, awnings, etc.) for which we require prepayment before 30 days. Both of these payments are in an effort to avoid the setbacks that can happen due to shipping delays. 

04 | Send Off

After we've thoroughly gone over all the work completed and added all the finishing touches and details, we will do a final cleaning and testing of all systems. There are many options in order for you to receive the finished product, from freight shipping to professional drivers and of course, picking it up in person! If you're able to pick it up in person you'll have the opportunity to do an in-person walkthrough where we'll be able to show you the highlights and answer any questions you have. If you're not able to come in person we will do a video walkthrough for you.
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