Rent an Airstream

for Your Next Camping Trip!

Want to go camping in a vintage Airstream but don't have one yet?  Rent one for your next trip!


     We have two Airstreams to choose from.

A 1963 Bambi (16')

A 1965 Tradewind (24')

Have you ever wondered what camping in a vintage Airstream would be like? Whether you want to camp in a vintage trailer without the commitment or you want try it out before you invest in your own, renting may be for you!  Restored at Vintage Base Camp, these travel trailers are ready to go! Start making memories today!  

1963 Bambi

  • sleeps 3 (2 adults, 1-2 kids)

  • $ 200 / night. 2 night minimum

  • Pets are welcome!

  • Amenities include:

    • Air Conditioning​

    • Audio Inputs

    • Radio

    • Tow Hitch

    • Stove Top

    • Refrigerator

    • Kitchen Sink

    • Microwave

1965 Tradewind

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