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Project Overview

24' 1959 TradeWind

Custom LED Light Fixtures
Custom Wine Rack
Vintage Details Throughout!
Wine Cooler

Featured in the January/February 2020 Issue of Vintage Camper Trailer Magazine!

"Karludi's story began quite by accident nearly five years ago when Indiana residents Karla and Judi acquired the 1959 Airstream Tradewind from a friend. The friend had purchased the clear titled Airstream at a swap meet and brought it home to restore for camping. The trailer had spent at least the past three decades in a woods and hadn't been plated since 1986. It was occasionally used by hunters and served as a home to various critters and rodents. Although totally original, (except for added homemade bunks), everything needed gutted. The friend's wife was less than enthusiastic about the whole idea. While visiting one evening, Karla and Judi (Karla-Judi) saw the trailer for the first time and upon discovering that is was a 1959, (the same birth year as Karla), it was quickly decided that they just had to have it. Now, what to do with it was another thing. Judi had no experience with camping or trailers. Karla had been raised camping in everything from a pop-up camper to a pickup camper to diesel pushers. Both being Realtors, renovation projects were quite common for the couple, but never anything with wheels. Still, their love for everything mid-century won out and the journey began. Now what?

The first decision was where to put the trailer while searching for restoration companies. Since the couple's home was in a community with restrictive covenants related to the parking of recreational vehicles, a storage facility was the only option for the first several months. During that time, the couple searched the Midwest for professionals who specialized in Airstreams. With very few options available, the trailer ended up in Ohio, where it would spend the next 14 months getting stripped of the years of decay and neglect. The goal was to keep the original footprint of the trailer, but renovate it into a "1950's martini/wine bar theme" with all of the modern conveniences. The interior was stripped to the outside skin and all new plumbing, wiring, insulation, HVAC, tanks and basic essentials were installed. The exterior was polished and freed from major blemishes. Because this company did not specialize in the custom cabinetry and finishes that were desired, Karludi returned home to await the next phase of her journey.
Karludi is definitely a "one of a kind" piece of art. The detail and craftsmanship is superb! From the high gloss cabinetry and chrome wraps to the deep upholstery and custom lighting, the mid-century feeling is captured in the way it was intended. Karla and Judi will likely be sharing many a bottle of wine from the wine chiller with their friends who have been curious about this crazy Karludi journey for so long. Much like a classic car, she will be pampered in her climate-controlled home. She likely will never see the mud puddles of any state park, but who knows what the future may hold because anything is possible along the journey with Karludi."


  • Total Gut to Prep for Custom Build Out

  • Full Electrical Upgrade

  • Full Plumbing and LP Upgrade

  • AC and Roof Vent Update

  • Combination of Vintage and Custom LED Lighting Fixtures

  • All New Custom Laminated Cabinetry

  • Porthole Pocket Bath Door

  • All New Flooring

  • All New Wall Finishes and Treatments

  • All New Appliances and Appliance Cabinets

  • All New Custom Furniture Fixtures

  • All New Foam/Upholstery/Cushions

  • Custom Fabric Treatments 

  • Period-Sensitive Design Elements Throughout

  • All New Window Treatments & Blinds

  • Chrome/Black Aluminum End Caps

  • Custom Aluminum and Glass Shower

  • Full Exterior Polish

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