A detailed 27 point Airstream independent inspection covers every aspect of your trailer! 

  • Comprehensive System Check (LP, 110V, 12V) 

  • Plumbing Lines and Connections

  • All Appliances and Fixtures

  • Windows/Doors/Vents and Seals

  • All Shore Connections/Regulators/Batteries

  • Tires/Shocks/Axles/Brakes

  • Antennas and Awnings

  • The Exterior Shell and All Accessories (Rub Rail/Decals/Etc)


*includes detailed notes and 30-45 minutes of discussion and walk-through 

*additional question/answer session or more thorough walkthrough additional


Note this is not a

State Inspection


Professional Eye

We proudly stand behind decades of experience of living in and working on vintage trailers, and Airstreams of all years and models. 

We want to see you and your family enjoy the same things we do, and want to ensure you can do so safely and with peace of mind.

Call us today for more details, or fill out a form to start the process and secure your spot in our schedule!

Polk Associates


Vintage Base Camp recommends Polk Associates for courteous, professional, and accredited appraisals!

Polk Valuations is a full-service valuation firm specializing in the appraisal of personal property including Automobiles, Classic Cars, RV’s, Recreational vehicles, Airstreams, Vintage Airstreams, Vintage Travel Trailers, Vintage RV’s,  Custom RV’s, Aircraft, Commercial trucks, Petroleum equipment & Household general contents.

  • Donation Appraisals

  • Agreed Value Appraisal

  • Diminished Value Appraisal

  • Insurance Appraisals

  • Insurance Claim & Dispute Appraisals

  • Legal Dispute Appraisals

  • Court Testimony, Expert Witness

  • Pre-purchase Inspections

  • Estate Appraisals

Save yourself the hassle of weeding out casual interest from potential buyers by consigning with us for 15% of final contracted price!

We can serve as a third party between you and your market, ensuring you receive fair market value for your trailer, and giving you the peace of mind to know your buyer will be happy as well! 

We can also perform our 27pt inspection for your trailer as an added benefit and incentive to potential buyers, saving you time and resources by discovering issues early in the selling process and making sure they are addressed. 

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3rd Party Services


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