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Gelato Storefront

Project Type: 




Custom Renovation

14' 1968 Ambassador


Gelato Gilberto

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Featured in the March/April 2021 Issue of Vintage Camper Trailer Magazine!

While we enjoyed working with Henri & Stela Gelato Co. to create this amazing build, the new owners are the amazing people at Gelato Giberto! You can witness this beauty in person at their location on Frankfort Ave!

Vintage Base Camp was presented with the idea of creating a 15’ gelato vending trailer. For this build we dismantled a 28’ trailer in order to create the single axle 15’ trailer from the donor parts. The parts that remained original were the front and rear endcaps and most of the ribs. The finished trailer ended up coming out to 13’ long, tongue to bumper. 


  • Total Deconstruction of Original trailer

  • Modified Frame/Refit to New 14' Layout

  • Refit Salvaged End Caps, Door, and Shell to fit New 14' Layout

  • All New Break Drums, Bearings, and Wheel Wells

  • Added Custom Gull Wing Vending Door

  • New Subfloor with Commercial VCT Tile

  • All New White Aluminum Wall Finishes

  • LED Light Fixtures Interior/Exterior

  • New Fantastic Fan for Ventilation

  • Custom cabinetry Throughout of UV Treated Maple

  • Installed 3 Basin and Hand-Washing Sink for Code

  • Counter Freezer for Extra Cold Storage

  • Custom Aluminum Frame Cabinet for Gelato Cooler

  • Full Exterior Polish

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