Sovereign Custom Renovation

31' 1976 Sovereign

Project Overview

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Cubic Mini Wood Burning Stove
Unique See-Thru Shower Window

Our Supplier

Copper FarmHouse Sink
Vintage Base Camp_3825.jpg
Custom Vista View Window  with Planter

For All Your Favorite Herbs!

     Affectionately called "Robbi" here in the shop, this trailer was a complete overhaul and renovation. The customer intends eventual full-time living as well as on/off Airbnb. 

     With a vision of open, flowing spaces and the ability to be mobile as well as stationary for a variety of uses and users, we knew this build would be special. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing her morph into a true one-of-a-kind trailer with several unique details and features.


  • Skin Patching

  • Tounge and Bumper Reinforcement

  • Rebuilt Windows

  • All New Black/Grey/Fresh Tanks

  • New Subflooring

  • New Belly Pan

  • Rear Frame Replacement


  • Complete Gutting

  • Full Electrical Upgrade

  • Full Plumbing and LP Upgrade

  • AC and Roof Vent Update

  • Wood Stove Addition

  • All New Custom Cabinetry

  • Custom Bath/Shower w/ Acrylic Wall

  • Exterior Porthole for Bath

  • Natures Head Composting Toliet 

  • New Flooring and Wall Finishes

  • All New Appliances

  • Outside Shower

  • Washer/Dryer Combo

From There to Here

Joy In the Journey

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