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The Process

At Vintage Base Camp our goal is to make your dreams a reality. Whether you are looking for a restoration or a custom build, we can help! If you decide on a restoration, you can be assured that we will use the latest building materials and methods to create a trailer that has a vintage feel but has as many modern amenities as you want. If a custom build is more your style, we can provide a fully customizable trailer. We can build the exterior and interior to your personal specifications. Either way, our internal design team will work with you to create layouts and choose fit and finishes that are suited to your style. Upon completion, your trailer will stand out from the rest! But first, we invite you to reach out to us and begin the conversation.

Please contact us here to get your project started!

01 | Consultation

The first step in the process is to set up a brief consultation with Julie and Greg Penner, co-owners of the Vintage Base Camp. During this first consultation, (in person or via Zoom) we will talk about the broad scope of your project and will start to get a better understanding of your goals. From this conversation, we will create a preliminary estimate. The preliminary estimate is like an outline. More details and pricing will be finalized in the next phase. Once you have received the preliminary estimate, you are ready for step two–the design phase. This phase begins when you pay the retainer fee.

02 | Design

Once you’ve paid the retainer fee, the work with the design team begins. In this phase, we start to flush out all of the details about your project. We want to hear about your vision for your Airstream. We will talk about your wish list of elements. If you have a Pinterest board, let’s take a look! After this meeting, our design team takes over and continues to work with you on the overall design. This process can take anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on your schedule. 

Below is a breakdown of the design process:
01. Schematic Design: At this step, we begin curating various layout options.

02. Design Development: Next we will work together to create an inspiration board filled with finish-materials, appliances, and fixtures. Ideas that may have been floating around in your head, not fully formed, begin to take shape. New and sometimes surprising ideas are created during this stage. 

03. Construction Drawings: Now we are able to create detailed measured drawings and elevations. Your project begins to develop dimensions at this point. These drawings also help assist with the timeline for the in-house fabricators and builders.

04. Mechanical Layouts: When choosing the lighting style, it's very important to see the layout of the project. This stage is where we lay out all plumbing and electrical aspects for not only you but also the in-house electricians and plumbers.

Types of Builds
Custom Builds: Custom builds are full shell-off builds. The pricing for these will include the cost of the demolition, the rebuilt or new frame, marine-grade plywood or Cossa composite subflooring, your choice of high-end flooring, the rebuild of the windows, hatches, and doors, new AC and vent fans, new insulation, new electric and plumbing, new custom-built cabinetry in your choice of lacquer, laminate or natural finishes, and much more!
Restorations: With a restoration, we reconstruct your trailer to its appropriate style and time period. Clients often try to keep this style of build as close to period-correct as possible, while adding their own flare through the choice of flooring and fabric! Restorations often fall at the higher end of the budget range since we have to retrofit cabinetry and appliances to conform to existing structures. The finished product, however, is worth the extra time and attention!  

Partial Builds: These builds are similar to custom builds, however, we stop constructing at a certain point and let the owner handle the rest of the interior finishing. The pricing for this includes new subflooring, new insulation, new electric and plumbing, the rebuilding of the windows, hatches, and doors, a new AC and vent fans, and finally, new axles and wheels. We leave you with a nice, blank canvas to work with.
Custom​ Commercial Activation Trailers: We are able to create custom-built vending trailers with a gull-wing hatch or retail trailers that are able to accommodate the client's needs. You can see the various builds we have to offer here! These builds include a shell-off build, new or rebuilt heavy-duty frame for commercial grade equipment and holding tanks, marine-grade plywood or Cossa composite subflooring, high-end flooring, rebuilt windows, hatches, and doors, new insulation, service hatches that can vary in size per-clients needs, new electric and plumbing, custom cabinetry that can be built out in stainless, lacquer, laminate or natural finishes.​​​

03 | Final Estimate

Once the design phase is complete, we will begin to craft the final estimate. Upon approval of the final estimate, you will sign our contract, which will define your relationship with Vintage Base Camp. 30 days before your initial drop-off date, you will pay 50% of your estimated amount.

Below is a general outline of expected pricing for Custom Builds, Restorations, Activation Builds, and Partial Builds:

Please note that if you compare the custom build, restoration, activation build, and partial build cost to buying a new travel trailer it can often be three times as much.

04 | Production

Now production can begin! We start building your Airstream. During this time you will receive progress updates, photos, and financial updates so that you can follow along as the build progresses. 
Project Scope​
  • Stage 1
    • Materials and components purchased throughout the build​
    • Shell-off separation - if needed
    • Frame restoration - if needed
    • Shell repairs or modifications as needed
    • Rough plumbing and electrical installation
    • New subfloor
    • Interior insulation
    • Interior skin fabrication
    • Floor plan layout
    • Cabinetry build
    • Flooring installation
  • Stage 2
    • Paint and stain​
    • Finish electrical and plumbing
    • Finish hardware, fixtures, and appliance installation
    • Exterior paint and polish 
    • Substantial completion
  • Stage 3
    • Punch list and client walkthrough - in person or through video​
    • 3rd party inspection (available upon request)
    • Completion
    • Photoshoot and documentation

05 | Send Off

Once the build is complete, we check the systems with a thorough quality-control checklist. After a final cleaning, we always do a photoshoot so that we can show off your Airstream! When it’s time for you to pick up your project, plan to spend a couple of hours for a walk-through, where we show you the highlights of the project and answer your questions. There are many options available to transport your Airstream, from freight shipping to professional drivers and of course, picking it up in person! If you're not able to pick the Airstream up in person, we provide a video walkthrough. Either way, we can’t wait for you to see your dreams come to life! 
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