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' 71 Overlander

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28' 1971 Overlander



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We started with updating the flooring to Infinity flooring, a durable and great-looking product that goes into all new model Airstreams (it’s one that we frequently recommend to clients). We later addressed all the tambour cabinets that were broken or off-track and refinished them. We then built a custom space above the refrigerator for the microwave. Following that, we re-laminated the kitchen countertop, some key cabinets, and walls. We updated the toilet and worked the new unit into the existing surround. Finally, we had all the oven hardware re-chromed, and the upholstery and curtains were updated with new fabric.


  • All New Infinity Flooring Throughout

  • Fixed and Refinished Existing Tambour Cabinets

  • Custom-built Microwave Garage Above Refrigerator to Match Interior

  • Re-laminated Kitchen Countertops and Key Surfaces

  • Re-chromed Oven Hardware

  • All New Foam/Upholstery/Cushions

  • All New Custom Curtains

  • All New Window Treatments and Blinds

  • All New Toilet Retro-fit to Existing Surround

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