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' 70 Safari

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Skin Repair 

23' 1970 Safari 

Craig D 



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This single-axel Safari was a rare find. Because we know that Safaris were made with double axels in 1970, this camper would have been a special order. It was delivered to us via flatbed transport due to extensive damage from a fallen tree limb. Upon inspection, we found that the interior shower area was completely caved in, the ribs bent, and the exterior skin significantly damaged.

Since the owner wanted to travel full time in the Safari, he had a longer list for us than just the repair work. We also thoroughly checked the systems to ensure everything was working properly. We added an electric tongue jack, replaced the water heater, made various other updates/repairs, and addressed any issues that would have caused the owner problems on the road. The before/after pictures certainly make quite the impression.

Vintage Base Camp would like to give a special thanks and recognition to the owner of this trailer for naming it after our late coworker, Craig, who passed away suddenly during this build.


  • Replaced 3 Endcap Exterior Panels

  • Repair/Replace Rear Ribs

  • Pull Various Body Dents

  • Replaced Rear Window

  • Replaced Axle

  • All-New Tires

  • Hatch Replacement

  • Repair/Rebuild Shower Walls

  • New Electric Tongue Jack

  • Repair/Maintain Stabilizers

  • New Whitewall Tires Installed

  • New Battery Installed

  • New Water Heater

  • New LED Running Lights

  • Replaced Refrigerators

  • Replaced LP Hookups and Regulator

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