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Mobile Boutique

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Custom Renovation

26' 1957 Overlander


3 Sisters Boutique

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When the shop owners at Three Sisters Boutique reached out to us about helping them bring their vision of a mobile store to life, we were thrilled! Taking inspiration from their physical storefront in Williamsburg, VA, we incorporated their creativity and style into the fixtures. This was to ensure that the trailer would be a centerpiece at any event and a beautiful way for them to showcase their goods!


  • Removal of 2 Windows and Aluminum Patching to Expand Display Area

  • Exterior Dent Removal and Buffing

  • Removal of 2 Exterior Hatches and Oven Vents and Patching.

  • New Flooring 

  • Wall Covering

  • New AC

  • New wiring 

  • Custom built cabinetry 

  • White Aluminum

  • Stained Wood Endcap Treatment

  • Hanging and Rack Display Areas Throughout Trailer

  • Branding Throughout

  • Dressing Area

  • Fixed Mirror for Dressing Area

  • New Awning

  • New White Wall Tires 

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